LogiCO2 - MK90 CO2 Monitor - 2090

LogiCO2 - MK90 CO2 Monitor - 2090 Sale


LogiCO2 - MK90 CO2 Monitor - 2090

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Mk90 Stand-Alone CO2 Safety system
The LogiCO2 Mk90 is the easiest and most cost effective way to detect and alert of dangerous CO2 leakages. It also inhibits lost revenue due to costly CO2 leaks. With easy installation, virtually zero maintenance and perfect functionality, the LogiCO2 Mk90 is the logical way of minimizing any CO2 risks for the working staff and customers 24/7.

The Mk90 CO2 Sensor is a Stand-Alone system that can be connected with the Mk9 Central Unit and Mk9 CO2 Sensor Set.
It is a CO2 monitor with integrated sound and light alarm indication, designed to measure CO2 concentration in a confined space environment. It provides an alarm in the event that a CO2 level considered unhealthy/dangerous is reached, in accordance with existing safety codes, in the area being monitored.

Translucent enclosure and functional design with high intensity red alarm LEDs are some of the features of the MK90 CO2 Sensor. The display alternates between actual CO2 concentration (0.0%- 6,7%), TWA (ppm) and temperature (°C or° F), (if temperature alarm is activated for cold room applications).

This complete plug and play SET contains a Mk90 CO2 Sensor with display, a Horn/strobe, cabling and signage. Up to eight sensors can be connected to the Mk90 CO2 Stand-Alone SET, providing a sophisticated and powerful CO2 Safety System while still being the most economical and easiest system on the market. All LogiCO2 sensors have automatically calibration as standard. The alarm levels can be changed to any level to comply with all local Safety Codes and legislation.

The default alarm levels are:
– 5000 ppm Awareness Alert
– 5000 ppm TWA 8Hr (PEL)
– 1,5% (15.000 ppm) ½ STEL
– 3,0% (30.000 ppm) STEL


What is in the package?

  • CO2 Mk90 Stand-Alone detector
  • Horn/Strobe LED amber glass incl. cable
  • 10 m power/ communication cable
  • Power supply incl. cable
  • Plug lock + 5m signalization cable
  • 1 J45 1‐1 connector
  • 1 RJ45 1‐2 connector
  • Manual
  • Sensor sign
  • H/S sign and collar seals

Part # 2090 - this MK90 unit replaces the now obsolete MK10

A certified LogiCo2 installer should install this unit, certification link HERE 

For technical information click HERE