How to locate the model # on your Procon pump

  • The 3rd digit of the model # designates the Series of your pump. 
  • Series 1,2 and 3 pumps have 3/8” ports, and weigh about 3 lbs. (Series 1 & 2 are brass, 3 is SS)
  • Series 4 and 5 pumps have 1/2” ports and weigh about 5 lbs. (Series 4 is brass, 5 is SS)
  • Series 6 pumps have 1” ports and weight about 15 lbs.
  • If your pump has a different looking model # such as 10543 or CO1304 please contact us to translate
The most common location of the model # is on a white sticker underneath the pump as shown below.

If your pump does not have a white sticker then the model # is imprinted in the housing above the nameplate as shown below.