SMB with Shut off valve Add-on Kit - 0468

SMB with Shut off valve Add-on Kit - 0468 Sale


Edco Distributing

$ 310.00 $ 464.93

Remote connection box for CO2 Safety System.

  • A Fail-Safe shut-off valve made for bulk CO2 containers. When you reach the Short-Term Exposure Limit – The valve shuts off the CO2 flow, thus minimizing the risk of over exposure as well as saving the cost of losing CO2.
  • The Shut-Off valve is plug and play and easy to connect to all with existing LogiCO2 Safety Systems. The valve is Safe Mode configured shutting off at high CO2 alarm (STEL) as well if the system goes down due to power failure.
  • Part #0468
  • For technical information click HERE
  • What is in the package?
    Shut-off valve + Safe Mode Box + 1 m signal cable