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Series 4 CLAMP-ON Procon Pump

Series 4 CLAMP-ON Procon Pump

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  • Please enter your model # in the cart prior to checkout
  • Model # begins with 114... or 104...
  • Brass Housing
  • 1/2" Ports
  • Rotary Vane Pump, Inlet/Outlet NPTF 1/2 In
  • Relief Pressure Max 250 psi ("D" spring ranges from 30-59, "C" spring ranges from 60-99, "B" spring ranges from 100-150, and "A" spring ranges from 151-250) Default psi will be shipped if the psi is not entered prior to checkout.
  • Max Temp 150 F
  • 303 Stainless Steel Shaft
  • If the 4th digit of your pump model is "104R..." please click HERE to order.
  • Pictures show the clamp on mounting configurations. 
  • The pump model # you request contains the specs of the mounting configuration for your pump.

    104B240F11BA, 114B240F11BA, 104B240F11XX, 104B330F11XX, , 104C240F11XX, 114B330F11XX, 114A330F11XX, 104B240G12BC, 104B240G11BC, 104C240G11BC, 104B190G12BA, 104B165F11B060 plus hundreds more models. 

    If you cannot find your model number listed please contact our office to verify the series of your pump at 916-454-1445.
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