Procon Pump Remanufacturing

Edco is a factory authorized Procon pump re-manufacturer.  
You can ship us your pumps and we can refurbish them at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Repair Pricing*
Series 1 - $50
Series 2 - $45
Series 3 - $57
Series 4 - $80
Series 5 - $95
Series 6 - $325
*If the rotor is scored or damaged a replacement rotor is an additional charge.

Rebuilding Process
- Every pump is completely disassembled
- The housing is thoroughly cleaned and inspected
- All components are replaced with new NSF certified parts.
- 2 components of every pump are re-used if they are not damaged, the pump housing and the      stainless steel rotor.
- Every pump is put through a rigorous testing cycle to ensure specifications.
- Each pump is sanitized and packed for shipping.
- 1 Year Warranty

Please ship pumps to:
EDCO Service Center
8220 Belvedere Ave.
Suite F
Sacramento, CA 95826

- Please include your contact and shipping information with your pumps.
- We will call you for payment once the pumps are repaired and ready for return shipment.
- Please remove any external components attached to the pump that you need to re-use. (For example: motors, fittings, etc.)
- You do not need an RMA number to send your pumps in for repair.
- You can reach us with any questions at 1.800.559.0415

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