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Call Us (800) 559-0415
Call Us (800) 559-0415

Factory Authorized Procon Pump Remanufacturer

Edco Distributing is the only Factory Authorized Procon Pump remanufacturing facility operating in the United States.

We've received factory training that makes our technicians uniquely qualified to repair your pump with a minimum of downtime.

Our Remanufacturing process

  1. Complete our Repair Request form
  2. Securely package your pump
    • Make sure to include the Repair Request Authorization which will immediately be emailed to you
  3. Ship your pump to us:
    • Edco Distributing
      c/o Repair Requests
      8220 Belvedere Ave. Suite F
      Sacramento, CA 95826
  4. In approximately 3-7 days from our receipt of your pump we'll reach out to you with an estimate to repair your pump
    • Most repairs follow the following pricing structure:
      • Series 1 - $40
      • Series 2 - $37
      • Series 3 - $45
      • Series 4 - $75
      • Series 5 - $95
      • Series 6 - $325
    • Repair adjustments:
      • Some repairs may require replacing more complex or substantial parts. In these rare case, the quoted repair costs from above mayd not apply.
      • You will always retain the option of us returning your Pump to you un-repaired.

Repair Request