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Procon Pump Model Number Breakdown

The Procon Pump model number matrix shows Procon Rotary Vane pump owners the exact type of pump they own. This is valuable when reparing your Procon pump or looking for a new Procon Pump

Procon pumps have 12 digits followed by a pressure setting. They are as follows:

  • 1: Indication of a Rotary Vane Pump
  • 2: Agency Approvals
  • 3: Series
  • 4: Mounting and Drive Configuration
  • 5-7: Flowrate
  • 8: Elastomer
  • 9: Rotation, Slinger, Passivation, and Strainer
  • 10: Clearances
  • 11: Valve Type and Configuration
  • 12: Pressurate Range

The next 1-3 digits depend on the pumps specific usage and can range depending on the application and pumnp series.

For a complete Series 1-6 Procon Pump model breakdown open the PDF below

Procon Pump Model Number Breakdown Matrix